To gain the best possible results we recommend Propspeed be applied by a trained applicator.

If you choose to apply it yourself, there are a few tricks to getting it right. It’s an investment in your boat, so please take the time read through the application instructions carefully, paying attention to the preparation and ‘dry to touch’ timing window between coats of product. There is also a detailed application video, this can be viewed above or on our Youtube page. .

Guía Para la Aplicación de Propspeed - link to watch the Application video in Spanish.

Please contact your local distributor for a list of the applicators in your area.


Application instructions

System Components

Estimated coverage rates

Propstrip Technical datasheet

Propclean Technical datasheet

Propprep Technical datasheet

Primer Technical datasheet

Clear Coat Technical datasheet

Propstrip Material Safety datasheet

Propclean Material Safety datasheet

Propprep Material Safety datasheet

Primer Material Safety datasheet

Clear Coat Material Safety datasheet

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