HMTSS TeMataili

  • HMTSS TeMataili during work
  • HMTSS TeMataili with Propspeed applied on land
  • HMTSS TeMataili prop coated in Propspeed foul release coating
  • HMTSS TeMataili in the water 4 months after Propspeed application
  • HMTSS TeMataili in the water four months after Propspeed application

HMTSS TeMataili

The Pacific Patrol boat HMTSS TeMataili is a police vessel used to patrol the waters surrounding the South Pacific nation of Tuvalu. In September 2016, TeMataili underwent a planned docking at Tropical Reef Shipyard in Cairns, Australia.

During this docking the Propspeed was applied to the propellers for the first time. This was the first test of Propspeed Foul release coating applications on a Fijian police vessel, and is being closely monitored to assess the impact of Propspeed foul release coating on fuel burned and vessel speed..

Four months after application, the crew have reported that they have received promising results with the product. TeMataili is using on average 25l/ Hr less fuel than before the refit, equating to approximately a 15% reduction in fuel costs.

As more data comes out on this vessel, we’ll share this through the More Speed Less Fuel newsletter.

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Case Study Details

  • Customer: Tuvalu Police Maritime Wing
  • Area of operation: South Pacific
  • Applicator: Tropical Reef Shipyard
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