Knot Again, Delta 88, FL, USA

  • Ready to be splashed
  • Knot Again, 88ft Delta Powerboat
  • Preparing the pods
  • Before applying Propspeed
  • Propspeed applied to pods and underwater lights
  • Propspeed applied to Volvo IPS drives
  • Final result
  • Final result

Knot Again, Delta 88, FL, USA

When Lauderdale Marine Center (LMC) had the job of applying Propspeed to the pods, props, scoops, strainers and underwater lights of the Delta 88 motor yacht Knot Again, our US East Coast Propspeed guru, Mark Billingsley was more than happy to help out.

“Working together with Propspeed (Mark Billingsley) on the Delta project here at LMC was a great experience. The attention to detail and customer support we receive from them is top notch” - Mike Yankowski, Coatings Manager, Lauderdale Marine Center.

Both LMC and Delta Powerboats are committed Propspeed advocates, with special praise for both the effectiveness of the product itself, and the Propspeed team.

“Propspeed is a great product that is easy to work with and has proven results. More important to me is the support from Propspeed staff like James Maitland, who is always available and has exceptional customer service.” -Eric Hruska, General Manager, Lauderdale Marine Center.

“With regard to Propspeed, Delta Powerboats’ American office has not imported a single boat without the application of Propspeed. We find that Propspeed is just as important as a quality bottom paint in terms of ease of upkeep of our boats and their running hardware. As our boats are lighter than almost anything in their size and consequently use smaller engines and drives, efficiency of the propulsion system is critical and Propspeed allows us to worry about one less thing cutting into efficiencies. We recommend the product and the Company. The Propspeed Team is just awesome to work with!” -Ian Bruce Miller, Vice President, North American Sales Channel, Delta Powerboats.

Case Study Details

  • Applicator: Lauderdale Marine Center
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