Loon-a-Sea, NJ, USA

  • Prop with Propspeed coating
  • Prop with Propspeed, rudder with no coating
  • Prop with foul release coating

Loon-a-Sea, NJ, USA

Richard Carrino, owner of Loon-A-Sea and Boat Repair Co, New Jersey, was a self-confessed skeptic of Propspeed. Having dismissed the product as “not really worth it” and thinking that “it doesn’t really work”, he had his arm twisted into trialling it.

The photos speak for themselves – Propspeed is applied to just the prop, with no coating on the rudder, shaft and struts. Applied in May, these photos were taken when the boat was hauled again for over-wintering in December.

What does Richard think? He’s now a Propspeed convert and wants to tell everyone how great the product is. Will it be going on all his boat’s running gear surfaces for this and all future summers? You bet it will!

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