Monkey Business, FL, USA

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Monkey Business, FL, USA

For those in the boating community in and around the south Florida area the vessel name Monkey Business probably sounds familiar to them. The year was 1987 and the American political season was in full swing with the upcoming presidential elections later in the fall. Gary Hart, a United States Senator from Colorado was leading in the U.S. presidential polls at the time until he de-boarded an 83-foot Broward-built motor yacht called the Monkey Business. Hart, who was married at the time, was photographed on the boat inthe clutches of a young lady who was not his wife and so ended Mr. Hart’s aspirations for a higher elected office.

Today, the Monkey Business, is a beautiful 64’ Viking sportfish that has just had her running gear, propellers and underwater lights all coated in Propspeed. The work was done by Ft. Lauderdale based yacht refinishing contractor, Foster’s Yacht Services.

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  • Applicator: Foster's Yacht Services
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