Propspeed DIY Kits

Propspeed is available in two DIY kit sizes.

A 200ml kit will coat a set of two 23 inch or 60 cm propellers.
A 500ml kit will coat a set of two 42 inch or 100 cm propellers.
It is important to ensure that you have sufficient product on-hand before starting the application process. For more info see the Propspeed coverage guide.

For the capable DIY user, there are 5 simple steps to achieve a great result:

  1. Metal surface preparation
  2. Initial clean
  3. Metal conditioning
  4. Etching Primer
  5. Clear Coat

DIY kits are currently available through leading marine vendors in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.
Contact your local Propspeed distributor to find out where to buy your Propspeed DIY kit.

Case Studies

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