The Propspeed Story

We have a deep affinity with the ocean, science and innovation.

Better Boats, Better Oceans™

New Zealanders, almost as a whole, have a deep affinity with the ocean. View the world from a certain angle and you will see a small country completely surrounded and isolated by a vast ocean. Our ancestors have faced long, perilous sea voyages to reach New Zealand. Both Pakeha and Māori have brought with them legends and stories of the ocean which have become part of our very make-up and part of our culture.


The sea is our protector, our provider and our playground. We are the finest sailors in the world and prove it at any major international regatta. We are also the best naval architects and boat builders (ask any sailor competing in those regattas). New Zealanders are fanatical about boating and spend a great deal of time on and in the water in a wide variety of craft.


It is within this context that Propspeed® was founded. A company dedicated to discovering and developing high performance products which make marine craft more efficient and more economical. Our chemists are pioneering ways to ensure that our products do the least harm to both humans and our precious marine environment. We are a professionally run organisation who value our customers and strive to earn their trust through outstanding service as well as products.


Propspeed® is the innovative manufacturer and distributor of Propspeed®, Lightspeed™, and Foulfree™. Propspeed® is recognised globally as the best prevention of marine growth and fouling of props and running gear below the waterline. Propspeed® has become a phenomenon around the world in the marine industry as the most innovative and effective marine foul release system.

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