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The partnership between Propspeed and Marine Protection Systems was born from a shared passion to educate the marine industry about coatings, corrosion, and anodes. Our aim is to raise awareness and promote best practices using Propspeed's insulative foul-release coatings and Marine Protection Systems' expertise in cathodic protection and corrosion protection solutions. We hope to help reduce the costs of boat ownership and operation, while also minimizing the environmental impact of corrosion and coating loss on our oceans.

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Superior cathodic protection

Maddox Anodes offer superior protection against galvanic corrosion for hard metals. More efficient galvanic currents reduce overprotection and associated damage.

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Maintain coating performance

Anodes help maintain the performance of Propspeed, by reducing the effects of overprotection and subsequent galvanic disbondment.

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Environmentally friendly

The balance between coatings and anode protection, protects the marine environment with better coating performance and less anode fallout.

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Anode Performance

Achieve a substantial reduction in anode loss, improve efficiencies, and avoid degradation to metals on your vessel. Minimise time and costs.

Coatings, corrosion, and anodes

Corrosion on vessels has plagued the maritime industry from the first day sailors began using metal components on boats. Protective coatings can be excellent insulators, reducing the load on anode systems. By achieving the correct balance between anode choice and coating, you can achieve coating longevity and maximum anode efficiencies.

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As we’ve seen, coatings like Propspeed can greatly reduce the risk of corrosion on your vessel’s underwater metals. To best reduce the effects of corrosion you should have an active corrosion management plan. When you consider that some of the most expensive and critical components of a vessel like shafts, props, pod drives, and outdrives are constantly under attack from corrosion, it makes sense to ensure you have the best protection available.

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Learn more about corrosion and correct anode selection to ensure the best efficiencies and performance for your vessel.

About Marine Protection Systems and Logix Enterprises

Logix Enterprises was founded with the vision to provide innovative and affordable corrosion solutions. Professional services through their consultancy branch, Logix Consulting, are offered to commercial, recreational vessel owners, marinas, and yacht clubs worldwide.

In addition, the company’s product division Marine Protection Systems is a market leader in the manufacturer of anode technology and other vessel infrastructure that improves cathodic protection and efficiencies.

Collaborating with other like-minded companies such as Propspeed, their focus is to educate and provide innovative solutions to prevent corrosion and minimise damage to vessels and the marine biosphere.

Protective coatings can be excellent insulators, reducing the load on anode systems. The MPS and Propspeed partnership’s key message is by achieving the correct balance between anode choice and coating, you can achieve coating longevity and maximum anode efficiencies.

Contact Jess or Brian for more information on corrosion and their products & services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quality protective coatings such Propspeed improve the cathodic protection of a vessel as generally they are excellent insulators. Using an over-active anode can contribute to coating loss in a process called “cathodic disbondment”. Achieving the correct balance between protective coatings and the correct anode can ensure maximum efficiencies from both anode and paint systems.

Find the ideal cathodic protection for your vessel type by using our anode selection guide here.

Did you know anode choice is important and can influence the performance of protective coatings?  By choosing a more neutral anode with a lower voltage you can neutralise the effects of Cathodic Disbondment and provide efficient Cathodic Protection for your vessel.

Potential voltage chart

By using the correct anode choice for your vessel there is less potential to affect coatings.

*Anode = more active by -200mV

Corrosion on vessels has always plagued the maritime industry. Increased electrification on modern vessels over the years have made understanding how to mitigate the impacts of corrosion a necessity. Read about the common types of corrosion and how it is caused here.

Cathodic Disbondment occurs when a large potential difference (voltage) occurs between the cathode (protected metal) and the anode. The high drive potential essentially drives off coatings, resulting in exposed surface area, failure of coatings and high levels of marine growth.

The greater the difference the higher the current flow which in turn increases the degradation and coating loss on vessels.

By using a more neutral anode with a lower voltage potential you can combat this problem as there is less potential to affect a coating. Balance is achieved when the protected metal (cathode) is equal to the anode voltage.

Cathodic disbondment


Cathodic disbondment chart

How to recognise corrosion?


Download all of the tips and tricks to help you protect against corrosion and maintain your Propspeed coating.

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