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Peak Performance, Superior Protection & Cost Reduction

Propspeed® Commercial

Ultimate protection against marine growth and corrosion

Foul-release coating for all underwater metals

Propspeed is the original foul-release coating, recognised globally as the best solution to prevent marine growth on running gear and all underwater metals. Our super slick coating system saves you time and money through increased efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.


All-in-one protection icon

All-in-one protection

Defense against both marine growth and corrosion for all underwater metal assets.

Superior adhesion to metal icon

Superior adhesion to metal

Strong long-lasting adhesion to metals that makes Propspeed unparalleled to other products on the market.

Operational readiness icon

Operational readiness

Propspeed keeps underwater metals free from marine growth, ensuring that your vessel can run at its peak throughout the entire season.

Reduce cost and save fuel icon

Reduce cost and save fuel

Our super slick coating system saves time and money through increased efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.

Stop the spread of invasive species icon

Stop the transfer of invasive species

Growth releases when the vessel reaches cruising speed, preventing invasive species from being transferred to other regions.

Case Studies

Proven performance worldwide.

Commercial Kit

The Propspeed Commercial Kit has been created specifically for the commercial marine trade professional. Ensure your vessels operational readiness and sustained performance, while reducing maintenance and fuel cost with Propspeed's original foul-release coating. Propspeed has been protecting underwater assets for over 21 years and has built a passionate team to offer superior in-field technical support.  Learn about the individual kit components, coverage guide, and more.

"Before using Propspeed, we had as much as 4 inches (10 centimetres) of growth on the propeller shaft. With Propspeed applied, our running gear is now free of growth."

Captain Rick Gauron
Ferry, Yankee Freedom III, Florida

Other Products

A revolutionary foul-release coating that protects transducers/sonars from marine growth to ensure accurate signal transmission, certified by AIRMAR.

A transparent foul-release coating that protects underwater lights from marine growth, providing an easy and affordable way to reduce maintenance and maintain lighting system performance, endorsed by Lumishore.