How to apply Lightspeed™

Keep your underwater lights looking their best, shining bright, and free of damage with Lightspeed™ – the latest innovation from Propspeed®


Clear the surface

Before using Lightspeed™ it is essential that any marine life is removed.


Surface preparation with Lightclean

Lighclean wipes have been specially formulated to remove impurities, grease and contaminants from the surface. Tear open the Lightclean wipe provided in your Lightspeed™ kit, and wipe down the surface to be coated.


Brush on Lightspeed™

Lightspeed™ is a proprietary silicone coating that binds to the surface of the light providing a thin, protective layer that repels barnacle larvae and prevents marine growth from adhering to the underwater light. The product is applied using a specially designed brush provided. Lightspeed™ is able to bind to all surface substrates no matter whether they are polymer, plastic or glass based.