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Propspeed Continues as Marine Export Industry Pioneer with Promotion of 26-year-old Executive

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Propspeed is pleased to announce that Nona Pedersen has now been appointed General Manager.

Nona Pedersen and Clint Jones at METS Trade Show in 2019

Nona Pedersen and Clint Jones at METS Trade Show in 2019


We are very excited to announce the appointment of Nona Pedersen as the General Manager of Propspeed. Those who have worked with Propspeed will know Nona, as she has been apart of the team for the past four and a half years. Our customers and international network think very highly of Nona. Her ability to cover all of the technical and engineering details that come with a precision line of products combined with her charismatic marketing leadership is remarkable. Nona has been a significant contributor to our international expansion. Simply put, she is the right person for the job.

Nona Pedersen joined Propspeed after graduating from the Auckland University of Technology where she received her bachelor’s degree in business in 2014 majoring in marketing and management. Her professional trajectory has included roles as a marketing analyst, marketing coordinator, and global marketing manager at Propspeed. Nona’s new general manager role will include global product growth, the creation and implementation of new product strategies, team growth, and managing the supply chain.

With the growth of the business over these past 5 years, Clint Jones (previous Managing Director, now President of International Development) realised a need to introduce this new role within Propspeed. Clint will continue to focus his efforts to support key partners, while Nona will be focused on the day-to-day running of the business.

A big congratulations to Nona and we look forward to the changes in our business helping our customers and connections succeed. 


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