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Propspeed a 'Must-Have' for Boat Owners

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Propspeed is applied by a number of gold-standard boatyards and applicators right across the USA. The Propspeed team chatted with KKMI, Foster’s Yacht Services, CSR Marine and Starboard Yacht Group to hear why they think it is an important value-add not only for their business, but for their customers too.



KKMI operate service centers in both Pt. Richmond and Sausalito, providing a complete range of boat maintenance services at their environmentally compliant, award-winnning facilities.

Check out what Paul Kaplan, a founding partner of KKMI, had to say about Propspeed!

"As managers and owners of a company, we feel that it is our responsibility to provide our customers with the highest quality service and products. We feel Propspeed exemplifies the best product to recommend to our customers."

Paul Kaplan, Founding Partner
KKMI, Pt. Richmond & Sausalito, CA

The team at KKMI boatyard

Foster's Yacht Services

You are guaranteed to get a beautiful Propspeed application from the guys at Foster's Yacht Services! Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Foster's Yacht Services have been providing high quality work since 1986, and pride themselves on working effectively together and providing an excellent result for their customers.

"Foster’s Yacht Services has been using Propspeed since 2010, maybe earlier. My company prides itself on delivering projects on time and within allocated budgets. All the products we use here at Foster’s are top of the line first class marine grade. As an example, Propspeed. Today, Propspeed is a ‘must-have’ product for anyone who owns a boat. Barnacles and other living marine organisms will attach to every square foot of what sits below the waterline, especially the running gear and propellers. The only product that I have found that works consistently year-in and year-out for reducing growth on all metal surfaces down below is Propspeed. I have tried all variations of those products that claim to be the same but nothing, and I mean nothing, stands the test of time like Propspeed does. My team of professionals have been with me for several years and have been trained by the local Propspeed team of technical experts. These guys have actually gotten underneath boats with my team and worked side-by-side with them providing valuable on the job training in the proper use of their products. This kind of support from Propspeed has shown me over the years that they care as much about long term product performance and a satisfied customer, as they do about making the sale. Maybe, even more."

Dennis Foster, Owner
Foster's Yacht Services, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Propspeed's Mark Billingsley and Foster's Yacht Services Dennis Foster

Dennis Foster and Mark Billingsley at Foster's Yacht Services

CSR Marine

We talk a lot about Propspeed for powerboats but it is equally important for sailboats! CSR Marine has two boatyards in in the greater Seattle area. They have produced top notch racing bottoms for sailors at the highest level of competition, specializing in marine hull and bottom paints.

"Propspeed has been a great product for us at CSR simply because it works. It does exactly what it says it will. We’re applying a fair amount of Propspeed to the race boats as we’ve found it has the least drag of the other options. Most keen sailboat racers spend huge effort for marginal gains, and to have a product that not only reduces drag by keeping the drive clean but is also environmentally friendly is a win win."

Nigel Barron, Service Manager
CSR Marine, Seattle, WA

Nigel Barron, Service Manager at CSR Marine

Starboard Yacht Group

Located in Dania Beach, Florida, the team at Starboard Yacht Group are dedicated to looking after your boat in every way possible, bringing a deeper understanding of boat mechanics to the table in order to properly and thoroughly service your yacht from top to bottom and every subsystem in between.

"This picture I took on the yard this afternoon of this 44’ Palm Beach Yacht we are applying Propspeed to. This is one of our favorite yachts in our management program and we’ve been taking care of it for years. We are proud of keeping it in the best shape possible at all times and we always use the best products on the market, like Propspeed, to do so."

Renee Walker, Marketing and Sales Director
Starboard Yacht Group, Dania Beach, FL

The team at Starboard Yacht Group



Foul-release coating for all underwater metals.


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