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“Propspeed’s Year-Round Spotless Finish Keeps our Customers Hooked”

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Propspeed is applied by a number of gold-standard boatyards and applicators right across the USA. The Propspeed team chatted with Nordlund Boat Co, Hartge Yacht Harbor, Murrelle Marine, and Coastal Marine Yacht Service Center to hear why they think it is an important value-add not only for their business, but for their customers too.


Nordlund Boat Company

Nordlund Boat Company, owned and run by brothers Paul and Gary Nordlund, are always providing an incredibly high standard of work, thanks to years of experience!

"Nordlund owners have always been discerning, fiercely loyal and know quality workmanship when they see it. This is why we trust Propspeed as our preferred underwater metal coating. Many of our customers choose Propspeed for their running gear simply because it works, but it’s the standard of service and the relationships that we build that keeps them coming back year after year. The way that Propspeed supports our business, our customers and our craftsmanship is in line with Nordlund’s commitment to design, innovation, quality and dependability. In a business that relies on great relationships, we are proud to stand by a product that believes the same."

Kornelis de Zeeuw, Lead Mechanic
Nordlud Boat Co., Tacoma, WA

Nordlund Boat Co., USA

Hartge Yacht Harbor

Hartge Yacht Harbor is a family-owned business, operating for over 150 years in Galesville, Maryland. They are a full-service facility and committed to providing workmanship their customers can trust.

"Propspeed is the product we always recommend to our customers in the Chesapeake Bay. It has easily proven to be the most effective product in our region. Propspeed is the only product we confidently recommend for effective multi-season protection for underwater metals. The staff at Propspeed are informative and helpful, and as a brand offer market support through boat shows and advertising that increases customer awareness. Propspeed provided on-site training to our techs and staff to ensure that we were comfortable and efficient in both applying and marketing their product."

Michael Waldow, Service Manager
Hartge Yacht Harbor, Galesville, MD

Hartge Yacht Harbor, USA

Murrelle Marine

Murrelle Marine is a 2.5-acre boatyard located in Lantana, Florida, with a 50 ton Marine Travelift capable of hauling vessels up to 68 feet!

"Here at Murrelle Marine we have been using Propspeed for 15 years and always recommend it to our customers. Year after year we have seen Propspeed applications we completed 12, 18 or even 24 months past and they all still look good. Sure, the product might be a bit worn but nothing else on the market comes close to the foul-release characteristics Propspeed has long term. We have also been using their underwater light coating called Lightspeed and just recently we have started using Foulfree, their coating for transducers. The technical and sales support we get here at the yard helps my bottom painting crew understand Propspeed’s application procedures, key to any coating’s success. Additionally, the local guys are always available to me by phone and when needed in-person at a moment’s notice. Their service and support are exceptional. We highly recommend the use of Propspeed to anyone considering using the product, whether it’s a boatyard or a boat owner."

John Waltzinger, General Manager
Murrelle Marine, Lantana, FL

Murrelle Marine, USA

Coastal Marine Yacht Service Center

Coastal Marine Yacht Service Center is a full-service marina located in Florida, with a team of highly skilled technicians and craftsmen who are experienced in all aspects of yacht maintenance, repair, and restoration services.

"I have been a huge fan of Propspeed since it was introduced in the US while working in Fort Lauderdale. I had Propspeed applied to every yacht’s running gear while in inventory and final delivery to each new client’s vessel during my 15-year employment with Ferretti Group. So, with proven results, I am encouraging each of our new customers arriving for bottom paint maintenance here at Coastal Marine Yacht Service Center, that are not familiar with Propspeed, Lightspeed or Foulfree to give us an opportunity to show them the results here on the gulf coast, cutting fuel costs, not giving up performance, but gaining performance."

Brian Kelley, General Manager
Coastal Marine Yacht Service Center, St. Petersburg, FL

Coastal Marine Yacht Service Center, USA



Foul-release coating for all underwater metals.


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