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Why Propspeed Should Be On Your Boat's Checklist This Refit Season

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Have you included Propspeed on your refit season checklist this year? As the Northern Hemisphere slowly heads into a sunny Summer, boatyards are rushed off their feet by eager boat owners preparing for a summer out on the water. Propspeed works with a number of gold-standard boatyards and applicators around the world, and they explained why Propspeed should be an essential on your to-do list this year!


Frank & Jimmies Propeller

Founded in 1947, Frank & Jimmies Propeller is one of the largest propeller shops in the USA. Frank & Jimmies Propeller manufacture, distribute, and repair running gear for vessels ranging from small outboard run-abouts to 120-foot superyachts.

“We love Propspeed, it’s great. We have all of our customers ask for it by name and they love it. Anyone who uses it once uses it again. We’ve been applying Propspeed here since the start. As soon as it came onto the market, we were testers of it and we began using it. We saw great success and have repeat customers who continue to ask for it. A lot of the feedback comes from our divers because our divers are the ones that are servicing the boats, and it makes their lives a lot easier when it comes to cleaning the props or the running gear. They can take their hand and rub any growth off, versus having to scrape anything off the actual bare metal”

Alex Whitesides, General Manager
Frank & Jimmies Propellers, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

Propspeed applied at Frank & Jimmies Propeller

Norseman Boatyard

Norseman Boatyard, founded in the 1940s, made its start building the renowned Norseman Sportfish before shifting its focus to boat maintenance and repair in 1968. Since then, Norseman Boatyard has provided services for a range of government, commercial, and private vessels up to 95-feet.

"We only use Propspeed for our running gear. We feel that Propspeed works so well that we have not even bothered to try any of the competing products. ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.’ The sales and technical support from the Propspeed team in South Florida is amazing. The Propspeed team has trained our crew on the proper techniques to apply Propspeed. Our customers continually say how beautiful the application is and how well the product works."

Marty Martell, Owner
Norseman Boatyard, Miami, FL, USA

Propspeed applied to prop and shaft

MER Yachting Services

MER Yachting Services has been operating in Golf Juan, France, since 2005 and offers a range of services alongside boat maintenance and repairs. MER manages every aspect of the maintenance process, allowing their customers to enjoy the benefits of owning a boat without having to deal with the more tedious, maintenance aspects.

“We first did a test of Propspeed on a Sea Ray SDX 270. From the first try, we reached 35.5 knots, gaining 3 knots at 5120 RPM. Before Propspeed, we had never reached this speed. We now offer Propspeed to all of our customers. This allows us to offer an innovative solution and our ustomers are very satisfied.”

- André Borel, Owner
MER Yachting Services, France

MER Yachting Services

Teignbridge Propellers

Teignbridge Propellers are the largest manufacturer of propellers and sterngear in Europe, designing and manufacturing precision performance propellers, sterngear, and propulsion products. With over 45 years of experience Teignbridge Propellers are world-leading.

“Teignbridge customers often request Propspeed for boats operating in areas of high marine growth and we are happy to recommend Propspeed to customers seeking guidance for a product to keep our propellers and shaft lines growth free. Using Propspeed and keeping the underwater gear free of growth will ensure that our products will continue to perform efficiently”

Mark Phare, Managing Director
Teignbridge Propellers, United Kingdom

Teignbridge Propellers on commercial vessel

Steber International

Steber International is an Australian-owned and operated family company founded in 1946 and is regarded as a premium manufacturer of commercial fibreglass vessels. All Steber boats are individually designed and built to suit their purposes, such as fishing, charter, patrol, sea rescue, medical support, or surveillance.

“Steber International have been applying Propspeed to both commercial and recreational boats since 2007. All staff, including apprentices, are trained in the correct application of the product. We have always found the product easy and safe to use. As a major manufacturer of vessels based on the Mid North Coast of NSW we are also a re-seller for Propspeed.”

Alan Steber, Owner/Managing Director
Steber International

Steber International and Cameron Robinson

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