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Propspeed Launches The Like A Pro™ Toolkit For Marine Businesses And Boaters

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Propspeed®, the leading innovator of underwater foul-release coatings, announced today a new product, technology, and technique with its Like A Pro toolkit.

Propspeed Launches The New Like A Pro™️ Toolkit


Auckland, New Zealand – Propspeed®, the leading innovator of underwater foul-release coatings, announced today a new product, technology, and technique with its  Like A Pro toolkit.

The toolkit was developed to elevate confidence, increase accessibility and empower all marine businesses and boaters alike with Propspeed’s industry leading foul-release system, support and service. The new  Propspeed Coverage Calculator™ gives confidence in quoting how much product is needed for any-sized application, while the  Stripspeed™ product is specifically designed to remove old foul-release coatings simplifying the preparation process and saving time, and the new Propspeed application kit makes application easy, increases finish quality and significantly reduces total time to complete the job. Through the adoption of this combination of tools, anyone can now Propspeed Like a Pro.

Beginning with its all-new online Coverage Calculator, Propspeed easily and intuitively helps guide applicators and boaters to estimate how much product is needed to coat the underwater assets of a vessel, no matter the size or configuration. The easy-to-use and navigate solution guides users through selecting either a powerboat or sailboat; monohull or multihull; size of the boat; number of engines and type of propulsion; and between coating bow and stern thrusters, swim platforms, trim tabs and shaft and struts. It further includes an estimation for the amount of Stripspeed needed for surface preparation, Lightspeed for underwater lights and Foulfree for transducers. With exceptional attention to detail, the images on the website change to give users a graphical representation of their vessel as each selection is made. The Coverage Calculator removes the guesswork and answers “How much do I need?” in seconds. 

Quote Like A Pro with the Propspeed Coverage Calculator

Propspeed recently released Stripspeed which, as part of the Like A Pro approach, helps users Prep Like A Pro. Selected as one of Boating Industry’s Top Products for 2023, Stripspeed saves applicators time and money on their Propspeed applications by speeding up the prepping process of metal surfaces. The many boatyards applying Propspeed have previously shared comments on the difficulty of removing old coating, particularly when applied to tricky areas, like swim platform arms. The thick consistency of Stripspeed easily hangs on vertical and overhead surfaces, making it easy to use on hard-to-reach areas. The industry now reports that using Stripspeed can save them one-third of the removal time. Stripspeed is non-flammable, non-caustic, DCM- and NMP-free, and doesn’t create airborne particles or debris. Unlike grinding or using abrasives, Stripspeed doesn’t cause mechanical wear through multiple refits, increasing the lifetime and performance of the metal. 

Prep Like A Pro using Stripspeed for quicker coating removal

The final part of the Like A Pro approach is an all-new Propspeed Application Kit and a new application technique. The new application kit includes two paint trays, a roller handle, and two four-inch Propspeed rollers, one for use with the etch base and one for use with the clear coat. The rollers accomplish a more consistent finish than brushing, whether done by professional applicator or a DIYer. The new application technique is easy to learn and, when done properly, requires less time than the previous application technique. It is also easier than other methods due to the increased surface area coverage rate.

Apply Like A Pro with the new Propspeed Application Kit

“The Like a Pro toolkit is the result of our partners, people, and customers sharing with us how we can make Propspeed an even more valuable part of their marine business or boating experience,” said Marcus Hamilton, CEO, Propspeed. “As the industry leader in foul-release coatings, we have a responsibility to solve customer and industry problems, and that means we need to continually evolve and innovate as a business. New product releases are important, but we have always been focused on value-creating investments above and beyond product releases, and these new initiatives are a perfect example of that. Paired with our global team of in-field technical and sales professionals, we are confident that our applicators and customers alike have access to the industry leading foul-release system, support and service they need.”

Propspeed products include Propspeed for running gear and any underwater metals, Foulfree for transducers, Lightspeed for underwater lighting and Stripspeed for easy preparation of surfaces for coating application, the perfect combination for refit season. To visit the online Coverage Calculator, please visit


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Introducing the Like A Pro™ Toolkit


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