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Superior coatings, better boating™

Propspeed®, the industry leader in foul-release coatings, has been protecting underwater assets for over 24 years.

The Propspeed coating system is recognised globally as the best prevention of marine growth and fouling of propellers, running gear and other underwater metals. Foulfree™, certified by AIRMAR, protects transducers from fouling to ensure accurate signal transmission. Lightspeed™, endorsed by Lumishore, is a transparent coating that not only protects underwater lights from fouling, it also restores any damage caused by removing fouling from lenses. Stripspeed™ is a new solvent-based stripper used to easily and efficiently remove foul-release coatings like Propspeed from underwater metals.


Foul-release coating for all underwater metals.


Remove Propspeed & foul-release coatings hassle free


Foul-release coating for transducers.


Foul-release coating for underwater lights.