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How to Apply

In the Kit:

Lightspeed Lightclean wipe

1 Lightclean Wipe

Lightclean has been specially formulated to remove impurities, grease and contaminants from the light surface. The Lightclean solution comes pre-packaged with a wipe to make your job easier.  

Clear coat application brush

2 Application brush

A small, high quality brush is included to provide the best result during the application of the Lightspeed coating.

Lightspeed clear coat

3 Lightspeed

This kit contains 15ml of Lightspeed Clear Coat, a non-toxic topcoat which forms a super slick outer layer that marine growth cannot adhere to, keeping your lights shining bright, all season long! 

Tools You Need:

The Lightspeed kit comes with tools included in the box, however you will need some additional materials for the application process:

  • Disposable gloves
  • Eye protection
  • Clean, dry rag
  • Tape

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1 Clear the surface

Before using Lightspeed it is essential that any marine life or old coatings are removed. Use a plastic scraper to gently clean the light lens. Do not use any other solvent than Lightclean to clean the lens.

    2 Surface preparation

    Lightclean wipes have been specially formulated to remove impurities, grease and contaminants from the surface. Tear open the Lightclean wipe provided in your Lightspeed kit, and wipe down the surface to be coated. Immediately remove any residue with a clean, dry rag. Ensure the surface is 100% clean and dry before proceeding. 

      Application Tip

      • Use a clean, dry rag to remove any residue
      • Ensure the surface is 100% clean and dry before proceeding

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      1 Apply Lightspeed

      Lightspeed is a proprietary silicone coating that binds to the surface of the light providing a thin, protective layer that repels barnacle larvae and prevents marine growth from adhering to the underwater light. Lightspeed is able to bind to all surface substrates no matter whether they are polymer, plastic or glass based. We have included a small, high quality brush to provide the best result.

      Pierce the seal of the tube using the lid. Squeeze a small amount of the Lightspeed coating directly on to the brush.

      Apply a thin layer of the coating on to the underwater light. Make sure there are no heavy runs or sags. You will have 5 to 10 minutes to touch these up.

      Application Tip

      • Use the provided brush to apply Lightspeed
      • Make sure there are no heavy runs or sags 

      Dry Time

      Lightspeed requires a minimum of 8 hours to dry before launching. In cold conditions, 5-13°C (40 – 60°F), we recommend at least 24 hours drying before launching. Lightspeed is not adversely affected by sitting out of the water for extended periods of time in warm or cold climates.



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