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Lightspeed Kit

Product code: LSP15K

Propspeed Lightspeed Kit

Note: The new Lightspeed packaging will be in market in the third quarter of 2021.

In the Kit:

Lightspeed Lightclean wipe

1 Lightclean Wipe

Lightclean has been specially formulated to remove impurities, grease and contaminants from the light surface. The Lightclean solution comes pre-packaged with a wipe to make your job easier.  

Clear coat application brush

2 Application brush

A small, high quality brush is included to provide the best result during the application of the Lightspeed coating.

Lightspeed clear coat

3 Clear Coat

This kit contains 15ml of Lightspeed Clear Coat, a non-toxic, silicone topcoat which forms a super slick outer layer that marine growth cannot adhere to, keeping your lights shinning bright, all season long! 

Coverage Guide


  • Coverage rate for a 15ml kit: 1ft² / 0.1 m²

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"The best way to enjoy the near-limitless color combinations we offer is to ensure your lights are clean. The application of Lightspeed makes this both simple and safe, and we’re very pleased to recommend this product to our discerning customers."

Eifrion Evans
President, Lumishore

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