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Avoid the grind, use Stripspeed™

Remove Propspeed® and foul-release coatings hassle free

Stripspeed awarded Boating Industry's Top Product for 2023

Developed to help Propspeed applicators to prepare metal surfaces for reapplication, Stripspeed removes foul-release coatings in 30* minutes or less. The thick consistency easily hangs on vertical and overhead surfaces, making it easy to use and there is no mixing required. Just shake, pour and go. Stripspeed is non-flammable, non-caustic, DCM and NMP free. Unlike grinding or using abrasives, Stripspeed doesn't cause mechanical wear through multiple refits, and doesn't create airborne particles or debris, increasing the lifetime of the metal.

Save time and money on Propspeed applications with Stripspeed!

*Timing is subject to atmospheric conditions. Ideal temperature is 15-27°C (60-80°F)

"Stripspeed does its job and its quicker than grinding. Used on a folding propeller, it was easy to apply and got into areas other cleaning methods wouldn’t. With 40 years’ experience in painting, this is a game changer and I can’t wait to get my hands on it."

Mick Field
Antifoul Manager, GC Boatyards, Australia

Stripspeed works on all hard to reach spots


The easiest and safest coating remover

Easy to Use

Easy to apply, easy to remove. Scrape and then scrub with an abrasive pad.

Strips swiftly timer icon

Strips Swiftly

Stripspeed works within 30 minutes or less, speeding up the Propspeed removal process.

Apply at Any Angle

Stripspeed's unique formula can be applied at any angle without sliding off.

No Airborne Particles

With no grinding required, there will be no airborne particles, making Propspeed removal harmless.

Available in 1 LITRE

Product Code: SS501

1L / 0.26 gal = 2m2 / 21.5ft2 coverage

How much do I need?

  • 1x Large Kit = 2L Stripspeed
  • 1x Medium Kit = 1L Stripspeed
  • 1x Small Kit = 0.5L Stripspeed

Suitable for use on:

All metal surfaces where Propspeed, or similar running gear coatings, have been applied.

Do not use on:

• Transducers• Foulfree™
• Underwater lights• Lightspeed™
• Hull• Powder coat


Avoid the grind!

Ask your local boatyard about Stripspeed today