Gloss Boats Marine Spraying Specialists

Is this the ‘before’ photo? Dave Lourie and the crew at Gloss Boats are hard pressed to tell on this 45-foot Riviera painted with Propspeed 12 months ago.



This 45-foot Riviera had a fresh application of antifoul and Propspeed applied 12 months ago by Gloss Boats Marine Spraying Specialists in Auckland, New Zealand.


After spending the past 11 months in the Bay of Islands, it was slipped in December 2016, with the Propspeed still looking like new!


“We choose and recommend Propspeed to all our clients, as it is proven and reliable,” says Gloss Boats owner Dave Lourie. “The product is fully supported by the supplier, with regular contact on the latest information on research and development.”

As they note on their site, a fouled propeller will cost you fuel, cruising speed and comfort. If you‘re looking to get more out of your boating experience with less effort, contact Gloss Boats for an estimate.  

By Jeff Edbrooke


Blog post published 13 September 2017