Grapefruit Graphics Appointed Propspeed UK Distributor

Oceanmax is bringing the proven foul-release power of Propspeed to the United Kingdom via its new partnership with Southampton-based Grapefruit Graphics.

Sealing the deal: Clint Jones of Oceanmax and Andy Yeomans of Grapefruit Graphics celebrate their newly forged partnership

Sealing the deal: Clint Jones of Oceanmax and Andy Yeomans of Grapefruit Graphics celebrate their newly forged partnership

Oceanmax has officially named Grapefruit Graphics, a sports branding company that works heavily in the marine sector, as sole Propspeed distributor for the United Kingdom. Clint Jones, managing director of Oceanmax, is characteristically enthusiastic about the future: “Propspeed’s largest measure of its market-leading performance is the thousands of smart boat owners who use it year after year. Clean running gear equals more speed, less fuel.


“Oceanmax is proud to be able to support Grapefruit Graphics, a leading-edge UK company, to service this market and grow the enormous potential we see in the UK. We will support Andy, Stuart and their team in-market and with their customers. Later in the year, we will introduce industry-changing data to the market to support what thousands of recreational and commercial boat owners worldwide already know about the value and cost savings Propspeed brings to their marine journey.”


Grapefruit director Andy Yeomans confirmed the synergy between the two companies: “Oceanmax’s products align perfectly with our new foul-release film, MacGlide, which now means we can provide a complete solution for protecting the hull and appendages under the waterline. This renders it unnecessary for boat owners to hoist their vessels on an annual basis, as shaft anodes can be replaced by divers while in the water, eliminating unnecessary costs and a time-consuming process for many boat owners.


“As a company, Oceanmax has an excellent brand presence within the marine marketplace with Propspeed, which has an even stronger reputation. We are thrilled to be their sole UK distributor. In addition, I am happy to announce that Stuart Gladwin has joined the team as our marine coatings sales manager. Stuart has a wealth of experience in the marine painting industry and is a real asset to have on our team moving forward.”


The two companies are proud to offer alternatives to conventional antifoul paints, as neither Propspeed nor MacGlide contain harmful toxins or chemicals. With the possible restriction of biocidal substances by the British Coating Federation looming, these products provide a viable, valuable alternative that will abide by potential legislative restrictions on antifouling in the future.


For more information, contact Stuart and the Grapefruit Graphics team at or 01489 570055.

By Jeff Edbrooke


Blog post published 23 August 2017