Black, Shiny Carbon Fiber: Who Would Ruin That Look with Antifoul?

The Propspeed system is great for protecting non-metallic underwater surfaces as well. Follow a few simple steps for an flawless result.

after coating

after coating

With Propspeed, you can make your carbon fiber look even better! Humphree Electric’s revolutionary new stabilising fin and Interceptor system are a perfect match with Propspeed, maintaining that sporty look while keeping your fins clean.

This application was completed in Palma, Majorca, by Camber Marine at Audax Marina, a Propspeed-approved applicator. A very impressive result!

Although Propspeed is recognized worldwide by its distinctive gold color, this is the primer coat; on non-metallic materials, only the clear topcoat is applied after a thorough cleaning, degreasing and light sanding of the surface to be treated. This process ensures great results on plastic props, bow thrusters, underwater lights, fins and other non-metallic underwater materials.

By Propspeed

Propspeed International

Blog post published 14 September 2017

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