Easy Underwater Cleaning

Join pro diver Fernando Pimentel for a firsthand look at how easy it is to remove marine growth from Propspeed-protected surfaces.

Diver cleaning Propspeed foul release coating on swim platform

Diver cleaning Propspeed foul release coating on swim platform

Propspeed foul-release coating is highly effective at inhibiting marine growth, thanks to its slick silicone finish, which makes it difficult for organisms to attach to. Unless a vessel remains inactive for long periods of time or is kept in waters prone to heavy fouling, Propspeed can pretty much be left to do its thing, with very little cleaning needed. When you do clean it, however, this specialized coating requires gentler care than conventional antifouling prop paint. 


When it comes to removing marine growth from Propspeed-coated surfaces underwater, the method you choose will depend on the type of growth you’ve got, hard or soft—namely, shell or slime.


Do not use a metal scraper, power brush, hard nylon brush or any type of abrasive pad unless your goal is to remove the Propspeed and apply a new coating.


Shell Game

If you’ve got hard shell growth, use a flexible plastic spreader to remove it. Remember, no metal scrapers! You may also wear silicone or neoprene diver’s gloves to protect your hands from sharp edges. Slide your spreader at a 30-degree angle to break the surface tension. For those of you who flunked geometry, the angle looks like this:

30-degree angle 

If you watch the video below, you’ll see that the few barnacles that do grow flick off fairly easily. Be sure that all shell has been completely removed before using a soft microfiber cloth, synthetic sponge and/or carpet pieces to clean the area. Carpet, while effective at removing debris, may trap small shell fragments in its fibers, so be extra-vigilant in checking that none remain, as they will scratch your Propspeed coating.


De-Slime Time

Removing marine slime or vegetative growth is even easier! Again, check that all shell growth is gone before using a microfiber cloth, synthetic sponge or carpet piece to simply wipe the slime away. Cotton, silicone or neoprene diver’s gloves may be worn.


As you can see, removing marine growth from a Propspeed-coated surface is actually not a lot of work at all. Propspeed works so you don’t have to!

By Anna Ngo

Oceanmax International


Blog post published 26 April 2018