Propspeed Spells Success

Watch as a professional diver spells out the magic ingredient that makes his work a breeze before wiping the shaft clean.

Alexis Parcerisa Ledgard of Obras Vivas boat cleaning, Barcelona

Alexis Parcerisa Ledgard of Obras Vivas boat cleaning, Barcelona

Diver Alexis Parcerisa Ledgard spent eight months honing his skills with a company in Fort Lauderdale before establishing his Barcelona boat-cleaning business, Obras Vivas, in 2012.


Alexis makes a habit of video recording the “before” and “after” so that the owner or boat captain can see the difference: “Because [my work] is done below the waterline, not all of them want to take a swim to check it,” he says.


In this video, Alexis demonstrates how a prop shaft coated with Propspeed foul release takes him no time to clean at all. As you can see, the slime and minimal marine growth that have managed to settle wipe away easily with one hand. This particular boat had sat in the Mediterranean Sea for one year.


One of the few underwater cleaners servicing the many race boats and cruisers that roll through his city, Alexis has a very busy roster, sometimes cleaning as many as six boats before sunrise during event season. He certainly appreciates anything that makes his job faster and easier, which is why he loves Propspeed.

By Anna Ngo

Oceanmax International

Blog post published 13 June 2018