2018 Clean Boating Expo, Los Angeles

West Coast sales rep Rusty Morgan will be at the environmentally focused event in San Pedro, educating recreational boaters on how Propspeed can add value to their on-water experience without adding harmful antifoul to the ocean.

LA's second Clean Boating Expo promotes environmentally friendly boating products and practices

LA's second Clean Boating Expo promotes environmentally friendly boating products and practices

After a series of successful Propspeed demos at boatyards throughout Seattle and the Bay Area, Rusty is turning his attention toward boat owners: He’s headed down south for the Clean Boating Expo at Cabrillo Way Marina, in collaboration with the Port of Los Angeles and L.A. Waterfront.


The free event, held June 23 from 10 am to 2 pm, is both family-friendly and eco-friendly, with vendors and environmental specialists showcasing greener boating solutions including electric motors, hull paints and cleaning products. Among these is Oceanmax, whose foul-release coating for propellers and running gear offers a nontoxic and more effective alternative to antifoul. On top of being free of biocidal copper, the silicone-based coating boosts fuel efficiency by eliminating the drag caused by marine growth such as barnacles and seaweed. Lower fuel consumption in turn means lower carbon dioxide emissions—and less money out of the boater’s pocket in the long run.


“The buzz around the yards here in California lately has been about how to reduce toxicity in the antifoul paints we use,” says Rusty. “Luckily, Propspeed provides a non-ablative, nontoxic solution to coating your running gear and underwater metals. Come find me at the Clean Boating Expo in LA and I’ll tell you all about it!”


Rusty will be giving away cool Propspeed merchandise while spreading our message: More Speed, Less Fuel. On a similar note, experts from agencies including the California Professional Divers Association, the Bay Foundation and Clean Marine will share presentations on how to safely clean your boat using some of the latest alternative paints.


Educational exhibits sponsored by California Sea Grant, the Bay Foundation and LA County Natural History Museum will delight and inspire youngsters to become stewards for our oceans and include a “touch tank” filled with sea creatures on loan from the Cabrillo Aquarium. Kids’ crafts, food trucks and raffle prizes round out the day’s offerings, with the shopping, dining and activities of the LA Waterfront just steps away.


Come see Rusty to learn more about how Propspeed foul release is better for your boating performance and better for the planet. Cabrillo Way Marina is located at 2293 Miner St. in San Pedro.

2018 Los Angeles Clean Boating Expo event details

By Anna Ngo

Oceanmax International


Blog post published 19 June 2018