Greenline 65 Oceanclass Yacht: Cleaner and Greener

Greenline is shaping the future of responsible boating with the help of Propspeed. The luxury hybrid yacht maker is applying our industry-leading foul-release coating to all of its new vessels.

Sonika III, a Greenline 65 Oceanclass motor yacht, got the Propspeed treatment before a voyage from Slovenia to Greece.

Sonika III, a Greenline 65 Oceanclass motor yacht, got the Propspeed treatment before a voyage from Slovenia to Greece.

Propspeed’s ability to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions while boosting performance makes it a perfect fit for the Greenline brand. Eco-friendly Greenline yachts feature a solar array that collects and stores the sun’s energy as well as an engine-driven generator providing a constant AC power supply of 230 or 120 volts.


Preliminary tests have yielded remarkable results. Says Bostjan Lojo, owner of LNC Marine in Slovenia, “The Greenline 40 has a maximum speed of 19 knots. With Propspeed, we saw 21 knots!”


In May 2018, Propspeed was reapplied to the 65 Oceanclass Sonika III, a semi-custom motor yacht capable of Class A navigation, or ocean crossing. When in Hybrid Drive, she sails without pollution, noise or wake in electric mode, drastically reducing fossil fuel use over a boating season at sea, on lakes or inland waterways.


The 20.8-meter yacht was hauled so that its propellers could be calibrated and the old Propspeed coating stripped using Propstrip. “They sent props for repair and, after, we applied new Propspeed at our facilities.”

Propellers with Propspeed foul release coating at LNC Marine shop

The next day, Bostjan and his crew put the props back on and the yacht went in the water. The Propspeed on Sonika III’s other metal parts was several months old but still in fair condition so left as is.

Tech with Propspeed foul release coated propeller
Recoated and ready for remounting: An LNC tech prepares to reinstall Sonika III's propellers


It turns out that Sonika III’s captain is good friends with the guys at Albatros Yacht Chandlers, our distributors in Greece, who have a marine shop at Flisvos Marina in Athens. On June 29, Sonika III set sail from Slovenia’s Portoroz Marina bound for Flisvos Marina, a distance of about 1,120 miles (1,800 kilometers). At a cruising speed of 18 knots, the long-haul voyage will take approximately 62 hours, making the fuel-saving application of Propspeed well worthwhile. More speed, less fuel!
Big shiny propeller with Propspeed foul release coating

By Anna Ngo

Oceanmax International

Blog post published 29 June 2018

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