Oceanmax Wins Coveted International Trade Category

The West Auckland marine coatings company was named a winner at the 2018 Westpac Auckland Business Awards, vying against the savviest companies in the city’s most competitive region.

Chris Gibbs, Eve Verberne, Clint Jones, Nona Pedersen and Jacobsen Holdings CEO Barry Woolcott

Chris Gibbs, Eve Verberne, Clint Jones, Nona Pedersen and Jacobsen Holdings CEO Barry Woolcott


5 October, 2018—Last night, Oceanmax was among nine companies who took home Westpac Auckland Business Awards, winning Excellence in International Trade for the North-West region. Oceanmax is the developer and manufacturer of Propspeed, a nontoxic foul-release coating that protects boat propellers and running gear from marine growth, widely used around the world for the last 20 years.


Managing director Clint Jones gave a heartfelt acceptance from the stage of Albany’s North Harbour Stadium surrounded by teammates marketing manager Nona Pedersen, international sales manager Chris Gibbs, and marketing and sales coordinator Eve Verberne.


“It’s a huge reward from the business world for the hard work our team does day in and day out and a chance in a busy business to take a moment to reflect and celebrate, said Clint.”

Westpac Business Awards Clint Jones Auckland Business Chamber

“Last night, we celebrated a group of businesses who were courageous enough to enter the awards and invest time in telling us a compelling story that showcased why they survived the finalist selection,” said events and training manager Natalie Woodbridge of the Auckland Business Chamber. “It’s not been easy getting here, and to become a finalist is already a huge achievement; winning is exceptional.”


Glidepath, a maker of parcel-handling systems for airports and logistics business, took the top prize for Supreme Business Excellence, qualifying by also winning the Excellence in Innovation category. On 14 March 2019, the category winners from each region will gather for the Best of the Best Awards 2018.


Other category winners included hospitality business The Beer Spot, IT company Unleashed Software, cereal manufacturer Something to Crow About, engineering consultants Blue Barn, early childhood learning centre Summerfield, adventure tourism business Skydive Auckland, and alcohol manufacturer Puhoi Organic Distillery.


The Westpac Auckland Business Awards are presented annually by the Auckland Business Chamber in partnership with Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED), Auckland Council’s economic growth agency. ATEED chief executive Nick Hill described small- and medium-sized businesses as essential in helping to create quality jobs for all Aucklanders:


“The North-West is experiencing rapid growth; entrepreneurial spirit runs high in the north, where Auckland’s highest proportion of small businesses, sole traders, and self-employed people reside. The west is home to a highly diverse economy, including specialised manufacturing, food and beverage, screen production, and healthcare.”

 Waba 2018 Winner North-West International Trade

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Oceanmax develops high-performance products that make marine craft more efficient and economical to run and maintain, with an eye toward doing the least harm to humans and the marine environment. Oceanmax manufactures and distributes Propspeed, recognized globally as the leading product for preventing marine growth on underwater metals. Biofouling – the accumulation of marine life on ships’ hulls – increases drag and costs the global shipping industry an estimated $7.5 billion a year in wasted fuel. Based in New Zealand, where sailing excellence is culturally ingrained, Propspeed has become a worldwide phenomenon throughout the marine industry. 

By Anna Ngo

Oceanmax International


Blog post published 5 October 2018