Propspeed Guru - Does it Work in Fresh Water?

Does Propspeed work in fresh water? We've got the answers from our very own Propspeed guru!

Photo | Chris Sullivan/@trendsetter4life

Photo | Chris Sullivan/@trendsetter4life

We asked Oceanmax's very own 'Propspeed Guru', also know as Rusty Morgan - US Technical and Sales Support - some of our most frequently asked questions and we've got all the answers for you!

Photo | Allways Marine
Photo | Allways Marine

This week - Does Propspeed work in fresh water?

People use boats everywhere; oceans, lakes, rivers, and deltas. Each body of water varies in salinity levels significantly, even the Pacific Ocean is saltier in some places that others. Probably since the Ark, mariners have had differing opinions about what type of wood works better in one than the other, and now that we have modern hull materials this debate has only intensified. One thing has remained constant however… regardless of salinity, temperature, and substrate, biofouling occurs in every body of water, everywhere on the planet! Luckily, boaters have one less thing to debate about, because Propspeed works just the same no matter what type of water you are submerged in.


Propspeed’s essential function is to reduce surface tension, resulting in significantly reduced biofouling. This functionality is completely independent of the substrate it’s applied to, and the water it operates in. In short… Propspeed will function exactly the same in fresh, salt, or brackish water. It will also not be affected when operated across these mediums either, so if you spend your fishing season chasing salmon from the ocean to the river, fear not… Propspeed will keep your running gear clean and efficient.  




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Blog post published 15 May 2019

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