Propspeed Guru - How Long Does it Last?

How long does Propspeed last? We've got the answers from our very own Propspeed Guru!

Photo | Bristol Marine

Photo | Bristol Marine

We asked Oceanmax's very own 'Propspeed Guru', also know as Rusty Morgan - US Technical and Sales Support - some of our most frequently asked questions and we've got all the answers for you!

This week - How long does Propspeed last?


How long is a piece of string? There are really two answers to this question. First, given a good application and ‘normal’ conditions, we expect Propspeed to last 18-24 months. Second, there are a lot of variables that determine the length of time Propspeed will remain effective. Propspeed is a soft silicone coating, which we have designed to be robust enough to stand up to the constant turbidity of a moving propeller. Silicone can be susceptible to abrasive environments such as extremely silty water like a muddy river, or in an area that has heavy suspended sand loading such as a heavy surf area, or a shallow body of water with wind fetch waves. These types of environments can reduce the time that Propspeed will remain effective, but typically we still expect to see at least 12 months of function unless the environment is excessively abrasive or the boat is run aground. Conversely, very clear, cold water can extend the lifespan of Propspeed for the same reason. In the Pacific Northwest, and into the San Juan islands, we regularly see Propspeed exceeding 24 months, even as much as 36-48 months depending on conditions! The key is to evaluate what type of water you will be running in, and adjust expectations accordingly.

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Blog post published 29 May 2019