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Why should you use Lightspeed and how does it work? Read more to learn all about Oceanmax's underwater light coating.

Why Should I Use Lightspeed?


Underwater lights generate light and heat, creating environmental conditions that favour marine growth. Lightspeed prevents this marine growth from adhering, therefore protecting your underwater lights as well as preventing damage that removing barnacles can cause. Unlike traditional anti-foul, Lightspeed is transparent, therefore allowing the light to shine through unaffected.

Photo: Empire Marina

How Does It Work?


Lightspeed is a proprietary silicone coating that binds to all surface substrates no matter whether they are polymer, plastic or glass-based, providing a thin, protective layer that repels barnacle larvae and prevents marine growth from adhering to the underwater light. Lightspeed is not an anti-foul, but a foul-release system, meaning it works because it’s slick, not because it’s toxic. It contains no copper, tin or any other toxic substances harmful to marine life.


By Propspeed

Propspeed International

Blog post published 28 August 2019