Propspeed Guru - Surface Preparation

How do you prepare a surface for Propspeed? We've got the answers from our very own Propspeed Guru!

From the surface preparation stage forward there should be no direct hand contact with the areas that are to be coated with Propspeed. This is because the oils on your hands will be transferred to the clean surface and this may cause the coating to fail. Make sure you always wear plastic or latex gloves throughout the surface preparation process.


Firstly, clean the surface with Propclean, and then immediately wipe the surface with a clean, dry rag, making sure there is no residue left. You can then move on to applying the Propprep solution. You can apply it with a rag or use the Propprep wipes, wiping the surface afterwards with a clean, dry rag to ensure no residue is left.

Propprep is an essential step in the chemical preparation of the metal substrate to be coated with Propspeed. It contains ingredients that react with the metal creating a surface porous layer. This layer is key to ensuring penetration and completion of the self-etching reaction of the primer to the metal substrate. Propprep also ensures that no free alkalinity, as a result of various soap/detergent washing, is present to interfere with the self-etching primer reaction and adhesion to the metal substrate.

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Blog post published 20 November 2019