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Experience, professionalism, excellence - this is the motto H&M Pascoe Boat Builders operates by.

H&M Boat Builders

H&M Boat Builders


Experience, professionalism, excellence - this is the motto H&M Pascoe Boat Builders operates by. With over 60 years of experience in the boatbuilding and repair industry, H&M Pascoe Boat Builders are specialists in boat repair and vessel maintenance.


Founded by Howard Pascoe in 1953 and originally named H. Pascoe Boat Builder, it was inevitable that Mitch Pascoe, now company director, would inherit his father’s interest and passion for boats. In 1988, Mitch went into partnership with his father and the company evolved into H&M Pascoe Boat Builders. A few years later Mitch was joined by his then partner, now wife, Phyll and the couple continued to grow the company into what it is today.

Mitch and Phyll

Located in Whitianga, H&M Pascoe Boat Builders offers a range of services, such as touch-ups, full hull and topside painting and are an approved Propspeed applicator. Propspeed's Clint Jones has only ever had positive things to say about their standard of work on his own, personal vessel.

As long-time loyal customers of Propspeed, we asked Mitch and Phyll a few questions about their experience with Propspeed and why they continue to use it.


How did you first come to use Propspeed and what value do you see it adding for your customers and business?


We first heard about Propspeed from one of the local fishermen who’d heard about it and wanted to use it on his boat. It was pretty well when Propspeed started we think.


To the customer, Propspeed adds fuel economy and performance and for our business, it’s another service we supply that we can be proud of and know it works.


Would you recommend Propspeed? What do your customers think about their Propspeed applications?


We try to apply the product to the best of our ability to give the customer the best value for their money. Really, over the year we’ve had a number of people say things like “this stuff is amazing! It looks like it’s just been done!”.


We would absolutely recommend Propspeed. It’s a really good product and always has been. We and our customers can rely on it to be consistent in its performance.


Generally, we just love the reliability of Propspeed. We’ve been applying it for many years now and, we’re sure, for many more years to come!


What would you say to someone who’s not already using Propspeed?


If you’re not already using Propspeed, try it! It works much better than either leaving the propellers etc, unpainted or coating them with antifouling.


Learn more about H&M Pascoe Boat Builders and the services they offer on their website:



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Blog post published 26 November 2019

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