Commercial Captain Saves in Maintenance and Fuel Costs

Captain Craig Venema explains how Propspeed helps him spend more time on his boat instead of under it, saving in maintenance and fuel costs.

Maui Adventure Cruises Saves With Propspeed

Maui Adventure Cruises Saves With Propspeed

While at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Propspeed's Clint Jones, President of International Sales, caught up with Craig Venema, captain at Maui Adventure Cruises.


Craig gave us some background on the business and how Propspeed saves Maui Adventure Cruises time and money.



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Clint Jones: Hi, good morning. I'm at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show and this morning we've got Craig Venema with us, Captain Craig Venema from Hawaii, and Craig runs a commercial boat and we're gonna ask him to just tell us a little bit about both his boat, his business, and his experience with Propspeed. So tell us a little bit about what you do in the Hawaiian market.


Craig Venema: Thank you. We do whale watches on a 75-foot catamaran, we also do dinner cruises and during the summertime, we do snorkel trips from the island of Maui to Lanai. So we're definitely putting miles on our boat. Nonstop, a good 12 to 16 hour days running our boat. 


Clint Jones: Wow, so you're probably running 2000 to 2500 hours a year, is that right?


Craig Venema: Yeah, that is correct.


Clint Jones: And you were just telling me a really interesting story about your experience with Propspeed and what it's done to your boat and also your business as far as cost goes.


Craig Venema: Since we started using it; less man hours in maintenance because we're not cleaning our props as much, fuel consumption is at a minimum on our boats because we have a clean prop, we're running very very efficiently. So the big thing is we don't have the time to do the maintenance, to clean our props all the time, and using Propspeed, it eliminates that and we're able to keep going and going and no worries.


Clint Jones: Excellent. Great story, thank you very much.


Craig Venema: Thank you.

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Blog post published 3 March 2020