Propspeed a Jackpot for Junak

"We think that Propspeed was a 100% jackpot for our boat."

Crew boat Junak at sea

Crew boat Junak at sea

Junak is a crew boat owned by Brodospas, a marine company operating in Croatia. Founded in 1947, Brodospas was originally tasked with clearing Croatian ports, shipyards and frequent sailing routes of numerous obstacles left behind from World War II. Today, Brodospas is a private company with more than 70 years on the sea, providing towage, salvage and shipping services.


36-metre Junak was delivered in 2009 to serve as a crew boat. Powered by 3 fixed pitch propellers and with a combined brake horsepower of 4200, Junak operates at a comfortable 26 knots.

Junak's 3 propellers and shafts coated in Propspeed

After having Propspeed applied to her propellers and shafts 7 months prior, here’s what Junak’s Captain had to say; “All 3 propellers and shafts are in perfect condition and the Propspeed paint has the same gold colour as when it was painted in April. We think that Propspeed was a 100% jackpot for our boat – it runs perfectly smooth due to the clean shafts and propellers.”

Junak out of the water with freshly applied Propspeed

By Holly Mills

Propspeed International

Blog post published 31 March 2020