Supercharge Your Business With Propspeed's New Business Resource Center

“Propspeed’s new Business Resource Center is terrific,” said Steve Miller, category manager, West Marine.

Propspeed, leading innovator of underwater coatings, announced today the launch of its new online portal - the Propspeed Business Resource Center (BRC). This portal seamlessly offers sales teams and marine businesses a fully stocked “tool belt” that is accessible 24/7. Propspeed’s partners will be able to learn how to increase their sales per customer through the full range of underwater coatings, including Propspeed, Foulfree and Lightspeed.


“Propspeed’s new Business Resource Center is terrific,” said Steve Miller, category manager, West Marine. “It combines technical information, training opportunities and assets for staff as well as end users. It appears to be well thought out and easy-to-use.”


“The Propspeed team has always gone above and beyond to support our efforts in the field,” said Ken Ferleger, vice president of sales, Land ’N’ Sea/Kellogg. “The Business Resource Center takes their support and makes it easy for my team and customers alike to access training, sales and marketing materials, and technical information online. Ultimately, this tool will help our sales force, and their customers, increase earnings and deliver a better service to boaters.”


Propspeed is providing customers with an online platform that is easily accessible and delivers information in a personable and timely way. Through the BRC, sales representatives and B2B customers can now sign up for a live, online training session from anywhere in North America and get access to technical and sales support. In turn this will help make the Propspeed range a valuable part of their business and at the same time enhance their customers’ boating experience.


To visit the Business Resource Center, click here.

By Andrew Golden

Rushton Gregory Communications

Blog post published 1 July 2020