5 Years, Six Continents, and 26 Countries Later

"Saving yourself the time and effort, in addition to ensuring you get the most out of your propellers, makes Propspeed well worth it.”

Photo / Out Chasing Stars

Photo / Out Chasing Stars

In late 2014, David and Amy Alton, otherwise known as the Star Chasers, packed up their entire life and moved aboard their new yacht, Starry Horizons, a Fountaine Pajot Helia 44. This was the beginning of their adventure around the world.


Circumnavigating brought the couple to places they had always wanted to see, as well as countries that were never on their radar. The opportunity to visit diverse places, as well as the idea of a clear cut goal, were the motivating factors behind their journey.


Of the 40 countries Amy and David visited over 5 years of sailing, New Zealand was one of their favourites. “It’s friendly, not too big, and provides tons of nature and cultural history.” Another top location was French Polynesia, which is a “cruiser’s paradise with over 100 hundred islands. Some of them are a jungle oasis, some are idyllic white atolls with white sand and clear water.”


When asked what advice they would give to anyone planning a circumnavigation, Amy mentions that it is important to “find people who do what you want to do. Follow those people, ask them questions. Early on we got advice from people who are certainly excellent sailors and really knowledgeable about boats, but they hadn’t been to the places we were going or cruising in the style we wanted to do. Sailing and cruising can be very niched down.”


One comfort that has accompanied Starry Horizons on their travels since 2017 is Propspeed©. “We were tired of cleaning our props so often. We searched online for a solution, and since we were in New Zealand, it was convenient to give it a try. And Propspeed© has a great reputation.”

Photo / Out Chasing Stars

Whilst sailing the coast of Australia, Amy and David experienced first-hand the difference of Propspeed© versus no Propspeed©. “We had one folding propeller with Propspeed© and one without. We departed to make our way up the coast and discovered the propeller without Propspeed© had so much growth on it that it couldn’t close…we had to detour to anchor off an island and clean our propeller.


So would Amy and David recommend Propspeed©? “Absolutely. It’s one less thing to worry about, and with the investment of folding propellers, you certainly want to keep your propellers clean as easily possible…Saving yourself the time and effort, in addition to ensuring you get the most out of your propellers, makes Propspeed well worth it.”


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By Holly Mills

Propspeed International


Blog post published 22 July 2020