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The critical differences in the three different application systems are (1) the way the surfaces are prepared for coating purposes, and most importantly, (2) the cleaning agents found within each kit perform a specific function pertaining to the surface to be coated. Using the correct product and following the correct preparation and application instructions provided is critical to maximize performance across our range of products.
- For protecting any metal surfaces.
- The Propspeed system has everything required to protect underwater metals in the harshest of marine environments.

- For protecting underwater light lenses and housings.
- Lightspeed has been tested to be underwater light safe and will not cloud of fog lenses.

- For protecting transducers; measuring equipment below the waterline.
- Foulfree has been tested and is AIRMAR certified to result in no loss of transducer performance.

We have included all of the required components in each one of our product kits to make it easy for your business to charge out one billable item. E.g. 1 x Foulfree kit has everything you need to complete the job. Simple, easy, and valuable. 

Propspeed is a foul release coating, not an antifoul, so it doesn’t harm marine life. The top coat on the Propspeed system is an ultra-slick surface that marine growth can’t grip. Propspeed’s effectiveness does depend on movement of your boat - the more you use it, the better Propspeed performs. Propspeed sets itself apart from the competition with the exceptionally strong chemical and physical bond between the metal substrate, the primer and the top coat - this ensures that the Propspeed coating actually stays on your running gear.

Propspeed works on all underwater metals as long as the proper guidelines are followed. Click here for the downloadable application guide. 

Propspeed will last at least a year, but many customers report another one or even two years service life. This depends on what sort of marine environment your boat is moored in, the water temperature, and how often you use it.

Yes, Propspeed can be pressure-cleaned. We suggest the tip of the pressure cleaning wand be held no-closer than 12” from the painted surface and use only the wide-fan when high water pressure is being used.

No. In addition to propellers, Propspeed can be applied to all underwater metal substrates such as; shafts, struts, rudders, trim-tabs, trim-tab actuators, thruster propellers, thruster propeller arms, swim platform armatures, swim-ladders, sea strainers, sea-chests, keel-coolers and in-take grates. Any metal underwater assets that require protection and enhanced performance, Propspeed is the answer.


View the re-coat window and drying times here.

Two key temperature measurements are monitored during a Propspeed application. The most important of the two is the air temperature and the humidity rating, the second is the surface temperature of the metal. Both of these temperatures play a role in the coating window and the dry time.

The maximum application temperature is 35°C / 95°F air and 35°C / 95°F surface temperature.

View the recoat window and dry times here.

Once the Etching Primer Hardener is added you have 10 minutes to use the catalyzed product. After such time, the product is inactive. Regardless of any liquids found left in the can, once the hardener has been added if the 10-minute window has been reached the product must be discarded and not used.
Propspeed products have a shelf life of 2 years from the date of manufacture. The best before date is located on the Etching Primer Base can, and Etching Primer Hardener bottle.

Click here for more information on the shelf lives of the Propspeed product line.

The time it takes to complete a Propspeed application depends on (a) how much of the underwater assets are being coated (running gear, propellers, trim tabs etc), (b) how large (dimensions) the areas being painted are, (c) how many people are working on the application, and finally, (d) what the ambient temperatures are when the application is taking place. As you can see, there is no one-answer-fits-all solution. 

Two key temperature measurements are monitored during a Propspeed application. The most important of the two is the air temperature and the humidity rating, the second is the surface temperature of the metal surface. Both of these temperatures play a role in the recoat window and the dry time. 

The minimum application temperature for a Propspeed application is 10°C / 50°F air and 10°C / 50°F surface temperature.

View the recoat window and dry times here.

Propspeed manufactures 2 products that are specifically designed for cleaning the metallic surfaces that are to be coated with the Propspeed system.

Propclean is a cleaning agent designed to remove any organic oils and other impurities left on the metal surface ensuring a clean application surface.

Propprep is a metal conditioning solution incorporating phosphoric acid and a surfactant (soap). The role of the surfactant is to perform a preliminary cleaning of the metal by helping to remove loose metal dust, dirt, light grease and oils that may be present on the metal surface after sanding and cleaning with Propclean. The phosphoric acid reacts with the metal surface and creates a thin homogenous metal-phosphate layer all over the substrate. The importance of the phosphate layer can be described as follows:

This phosphate layer is porous and provides a matrix in which the corrosion inhibiting pigments and polymer’s present in the etch primer can attach to.

The phosphate layer is transitional between the metal substrate and the components of the etch primer. In other words, it provides superior adhesion compatibility that is not present if applying the etch primer directly to sanded metal.

By its nature, the phosphate layer is also a corrosion inhibitor by itself that works in tandem with the metal etch primer.

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