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Etching Primer Base & Hardener

Product code: EPKIT

Propspeed Etching Primer Kit

In the box:

The Propspeed Etching Primer Base & Hardener combined are one of the best underwater Etching Primers on the market. Known for its iconic Propspeed Gold colour, tenacious adhesion to metal substrates and superior corrosion resistance.

How to apply Propspeed?

"A year and a half later when I dry-docked in Miami, the props looked like the day I’d launched in Auckland!"

Dave Andrews
Superyacht Captain

Keep your vessel performing at its peak!


Downloadable resources just a click away.

  • Propspeed Etching Primer TDS

    pdf 88KB
  • Propspeed Etching Primer Base SDS

    pdf 348KB
  • Propspeed Etching Primer Hardener SDS

    pdf 351KB