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Medium Kit

Product Code: PSMKIT

Propspeed Medium Kit and Contents

With an ultra-slick topcoat, Propspeed is specially formulated to prevent marine growth from bonding to metal surfaces below the waterline. It is proven to increase boat efficiency, reduce drag and save fuel and maintenance costs. It features an exceptionally strong chemical and mechanical bond between the metal substrate, the Etching Primer and the Clear Coat– ensuring that the Propspeed coating actually sticks to your running gear and performs season after season.

Propspeed also reduces the risk of corrosion by electrically isolating the metal, as well as limiting the exchanges between the ions and the gases contained in the water and the metal. In short, if a reaction can’t occur, there will be no corrosion!

The Propspeed system is best used on propellers, shafts, struts, rudders, trim tabs, keel coolers, bow and stern thrusters, pod drives, sail drives and other underwater metal.

In the Kit:

1 Propclean

The denatured alcohol in Propclean ensures that the metal surface is now completely free of contaminants and ready for Propprep. The Propclean solution comes pre-packaged with 2 wipes in the kit to make your job easier.

2 Propprep

Propprep is critical in the chemical preparation of the metal surface to be coated. The Propprep solution comes pre-packaged with a wipe to make your job easier.

Propspeed Etching Primer Base and Hardener

3a&b Etching Primer Base & Hardener

This kit contains 240ml Etching Primer Base and 60ml Etching Primer Hardener. The Etching Primer is the origin of the radiant Propspeed Gold colour. Combined they are one of the best underwater Etching Primers on the market. Known best for its tenacious adhesion and corrosion resistance.


Propspeed Clear Coat 200ml can

4 Clear Coat

This kit contains 200ml Clear Coat, a non-toxic topcoat which forms a super slick outer layer that marine growth cannot adhere to, improving speed and reducing fuel costs.

Coverage Guide:

1x Propeller

  • 66-96.5cm, or 26-38" in size.

2x Propellers

  • 36-76cm, or 13-30", in size.


  • The Propspeed Medium Kit will coat a surface of 1.7m2 / 18.3ft2.

How to apply?

"Propspeed is the only product we confidently recommend for effective multi-season protection for underwater metals."

Michael Waldow
Service Manager, Hartge Yacht Harbor, Maryland, USA

Keep your vessel performing at its peak!


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