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10 Propclean Wipes

Product code: PCWIPE10

Propspeed Propclean Wipes Kit

In the box:

Propclean is available in a box of 10 Propclean wipes, for applicator convenience. Propclean is the first step in the Propspeed application process. The denatured alcohol in Propclean ensures that the metal surface is now completely free of contaminants and ready for Propprep. 1 Propclean wipe will clean a propeller of approximately 33-66cm, or 13-24", in size.

How to apply Propspeed?

"I just had the boat hauled; the product had been on there a year, and I’m going to get another eight months or a year out of it. I highly recommend Propspeed."

Rich Taylor
Owner, 39ft Tiara

Keep your vessel performing at its peak!


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